Genre: drama/romance
Log-line: Isaiah Johnson, an inner-city kid from Oakland, California, has an opportunity to attend an elite university. In his first year of college, he struggles to maintain his grades, attempts to remain loyal to his troubled childhood friends, and valiantly tries to capture the heart of his dream-girl. But when he arrives at a crossroad, he’s forced to choose between his past and his future.
Status: Streaming on Amazon Video. Won Awards for Best Feature Film, Audience Awards, and Jury Prizes at Festivals throughout the world.

Genre: Comedy - One hour TV Series
Log-line: A Latino Harvard grad that can't find employment, his outcast Caucasian high-school drop out friend, and an African American computer genius from the "neighborhood" go into a business together. 
Status: Being Pitched to Studios and Production Companies

Genre: One-hour dramatic TV series
Log-line: The existence of a Utopian society founded by a billionaire philanthropist and policed by artificial intelligence is threatened when one of its citizens is brutally murdered. 
Status: Being Pitched to Studios and Production Companies

Genre: Adventure/Drama/Thriller/Romance
Log-line: When an American software engineer returns to his homeland of Eritrea, Africa for vacation, he marries a beautiful local girl whom he must save from the clutches of a human organ trafficking ring.
Status: Seeking Investors; received high marks The Black List, putting in the top 5% of scripts on the website. Great comments, including "This feature has all the hallmarks of what producers look for in a romantic adventure movie." 

Genre: drama/coming-of-age
Log-line: Fed up of being bullied for his African heritage, 12 year old Benjamin transfers to a new school, adopts a new persona and becomes the bully in order to protect himself and his younger sister.
Status: Seeking investors

Genre: Coming of Age Urban Romance Drama
Log-line: After finding an eviction notice, seventeen year old, Jason Jackson makes the ill-fated decision to sell drugs in an effort to keep his family together. This decision inadvertently leads to a series of life altering events that cause him to reexamine the consequences of his actions.
Status: Seeking investors; Won the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award. Received high marks The Black List.

Genre: crime/thriller/adventure
Log-line: Two best friends cross the border into Texas to get caught up in a life of crime.
Status: Seeking investors 

Log-line: After losing his job Joseph Bullard must commute long ways to provide for his family, but when the long travel strains his family life, he must take matters into his own hands in order to get his old job back.
Genre: thriller/drama
Status: Seeking investors

Genre: drama/romance
Log-line: Aspiring writer finds the love of his life but soon realizes that’s far from the case when the romance unfolds and hidden secrets come out, forcing him to choose between a miserable relationship or a lonely life.
Status: Seeking investors

Genre: sci-fi thriller 
Log-line: under wraps
Status: In development

Genre: sci-fi thriller/drama 
Log-line: under wraps
Status: In development